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Kuwait Boxes keeps a range of standard boxes including regular cartons and cartons for hanging clothes, storing files and papers, general bin systems, etc. Click here to see the range

Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC's)

These cartons are primarily shipping and storage boxes, and require glue, tape or staples to close. They combine functionality with protection in a single package. The boxes can be printed with custom artwork in up to 4 colors.

The box can consists of one or more boards stitched or glued together to form a sleeve with top and bottom flaps. They are shipped flat and are easily erected on site.

Top and bottom flaps may be specified from an open top box with no top flaps to full overflap.

Hand holes and vents can be added.

Full Overlap Cartons
This is an RSC with length flaps that extend the full width of the carton base or top to give added strength for heavy and or narrow based loads.
Telescopic Cartons
Comprising two "half RSCs" the base is usually made for strength while the top is decorative. The format is easy to pack and open and the double side walls provide good stacking strength. They are often provided with hand holds and breather holes.
Lidded Storage Cartons
Made in 2 pieces - body and lid with both pieces shipped flat. The self locking lid folds and interlocks, while the body may be a conventional "half RSC" with normal flaps on the bottom or die cut to become self locking.

Self Locking
The box flaps are die cut to fold and lock together without the use of glue or tape..

Die cuts
Complex shapes of board that fold and interlock to form items like food trays, pizza boxes, vegetable boxes, lids and a variety of "wrap arounds". Click here to see more die cut styles

Sheets of board can be madeto form fillers that hold, protect and separate the contents of carton. Click here for more.

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