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Technical - Liner Papers
A number of different types of liner are available, each with its own functionality and characteristics. They are usually refered to as the "inner" liner which faces the package contents and the "outer" liner which is exposed to the surrounding environment with the fluting sandwiched in between. Double wall board includes a third, "middle" liner with the three liners being separated by layers of fluting.

The following section highlights the main types of paper, but it is important to remember that each of these paper types come in a variety of grammages and widths – according to the corrugated carton manufacturer’s specifications.

Kraft Liner is the strongest liner available. The word “Kraft” is derived from the German word meaning “strong”.

Kraft liner is made with mainly virgin fibre. The percentage of virgin to recycled material will vary between paper manufacturers, but generally, one would consider a Kraft liner to be one with at least 55% virgin material.

This paper will consist of mainly long fibres. The long fibres will give the board rigidity and strength, while the shorter fibre will give the paper a smoother surface for printability. The paper will be made with fibre from different wood types, to give paper its desired characteristics.

Test Liner
Test Liner is usually made entirely of recycled fibre and is usually weaker than Kraft Liner.

The types of the recycled material used will determine the quality of the paper. Recycled sources (such as newsprint, books, etc) provide very short paper fibres – which are not good for corrugated papers. However, old corrugated cartons (OCC) and the off-cuts from corrugated plants provide some of the best recycled fibres available, retaining much of their initial strength.

In Europe, certain types of recycled papers contain fibres that have been recycled up to ten times! Each time paper is recycled, the fibres are degraded and their strength deminishes.

Recycled paper, however, is significantly cheaper than Kraft Liner – making it a cost effective choice for most corrugated cartons.
Multi - Layered Liners
Recent developments in papermaking technology have given manufacturers the ability to form the paper in layers, each with it's own characteristics of strength, moisture resistance, smoothness and colour.
White Liner
White liner is a multi layered paper that has a white outer facing made of bleached paper fibres. The base paper onto which the white layer is laid may be either Kraft or Test liner leading to their naming as White Top Test Liner (WTTL) and White Top Kraft Liner (WTKL).

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