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Technical - Fluting Papers
The fluting (or medium) in corrugated board is the wavy paper between the liners. In the case of a single wall board, there will only be one fluting layer, while in the case of double wall board, there will be two flutes. The fluting is an important component of corrugated board. Its “wavy” shape provides high compression resistance and strength characteristics to the corrugated board – making it the secret ingredient in the strength corrugated board.

While liners generally have higher strength and moisture resistance, fluting has to be more pliable so that they can be formed into the characteristic wave shape. At the same time, however, the fluting cannot be too absorbent – otherwise it will soften and fail under humid conditions.

Fluting papers generally have a higher content of recycled and short fibre than liner papers, but the current international trend is to increase the long fibre content of fluting paper to enable the use of lighter papers that provide the same performance.
Recycled Fluting Paper
Recycled fluting papers usually contain 100% recycled paper. They are generally less expensive than other fluting grades and are suitable for most applications in the corrugated packaging.

High Performance Fluting Paper
High performance fluting is a relatively new development. These papers have been specifically manufactured to provide increased compression strength, reduced moisture absorption and consistent performance. Like high performance liners, the purpose of high performance fluting is to reduce the weight of packaging, without negatively impacting its strength.

Semi-Chemical Fluting Paper
Semi-chemical fluting is used where hygenic considerations prohibit contact of the packaged goods with possible contaminants in recycled paper. This applies in packages which are in direct contact with products like food or other sensitive materials.

There is a wide choice of paper types and performance levels from which to choose when specifying the papers in corrugated board. The most important is the objectives and performance of the packaging versus its cost. By looking at board combinations and paper types, it is usually possible to find an appropriate, cost effective board that will provide adequate protection. It is always good advice, however, to conduct trials when changing board combinations - to prevent costly damage to your products.

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