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Technical - Our Flute Types

Stanardized flute profiles (A, B, C, E, F, etc.) have come about over the years and have been named in the illogical order in which they were developed. A-flute was the first to be developed but is very bulk and difficult to print. It is used, although rarely, on high strength board.

The most common flute, B-flute, was next and is much smaller than A-flute. C-flute followed and is between A and B in size and is now the most common large flute profile. E-flute is smaller than B while F-flute is smaller still.

In addition to these most common profiles, new flute profiles—both larger and smaller than those listed here—are being created for more specialized boards.

Generally, larger flute profiles deliver superior cushioning and vertical compression strength (for stacking), while smaller profiles provide better printability.

Different flute profiles can be combined in double wall board. For instance, a board with C and E flutes will give stacking strength while providing a well supported print surface for improved graphics. Mixing flute profiles in this way allows designers to manipulate the stacking strength, cushioning, total thickness and printability of the combined board.

The thickness of corrugated board is typically as follows:  


Caliper (mm)



E Flute

1.4 mm

B Flute

3.0 mm

C Flute

3.9 mm

Single-wall board

B Flute

3.2 mm

C Flute

4.1 mm

Double-wall board

BE Flute

4.4 mm

BB Flute

6.2 mm

BC Flute

7.0 mm

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