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Vegetable Carton Box
Used for most locally vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, egg plant and marrow. Available in a variety of sizes, with or without top flap, the standard print on these cartons is designed for point of sale impact and can be customized for large order customers.
Take Away cartons
Commonly known as a Pizza Box, there are utility die cut cartons that can be used for food, mailers and general, light duty packaging.
Styled as a carry case, this is a more elegant presentation of food products and gift items.
Parts Boxes
Custom designed interlocking cartons that require no glue or tape. They close securely with a locking tab to keep it closed.
Bin Boxes
These open tray-type boxes are ideal for maximizing your shelf space by organizing supplies, parts, magazines and newsletters. Available in standard and die cut styles, a bin box is perfect for all your organizational needs.
Open Trays
Machine folded sheets for automated packaging lines, usually holding products together inside shrink film.
Machine folded sheets for automated backaging lines.

Layer Pads
Corrugated pads are used as dividers between layer of product in a carton.

Intersecting slotted sheets create separate compartments within a box to cradle fragile objects while in transit.
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