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Company - Factory Departments
Marketing & Sales Department:
The Marketing and Sales department is the front line of our company, dedicated to providing our customers with efficient, cost effective and appropriate packaging solutions. We have a team of committed and out going sales people who are well versed with the company's products, market trends and developments in the region.
Production Department
Production is responsible for turning inputs into superior outputs through a series of production processes.

The production department is split into five sub-functions:
  1. The Production and planning department is concerned with the manufacture of products and sets standards and targets for each section of the production process. The quantity and quality of products coming from each production line is closely monitored.
  2. The Purchasing department is responsible for providing the raw materials, components and equipment required to keep the production process running smoothly.
  3. The Warehousing department is responsible for stocking all the necessary tools, spares, raw materials and equipment required to service the manufacturing process.
  4. The Design and technical support department is responsible for researching new products or modifications to existing ones, estimating costs for producing in different quantities and by using different methods. It also deals with the design and testing of new product processes and product types. Extremely functional and aesthetically appealing packaging is designed and developed in-house by highly creative and motivated professionals.  Latest hi-tech graphic equipment complements our prolific art department to produce contemporary packaging solutions.  The technical support department is also responsible for work study and suggestions as to how working practices can be improved.
  5. The Maintenance department is concerned with the maintenance of production line. This includes the maintenance and other necessary repairs.
The Production Department aims for the following:
  • Reduce waste substantially
  • Maintain clean work area, which is less cluttered, and easier to operate in
  • Endeavour to have minimal  damage to equipment, and stocks
  • Strive to have minimum accidents at work.
Quality Control, Research & Development Department
A key aspect of modern production is ensuring quality. To ensure uniform excellence from inputs to finished goods stage, we have a fully equipped laboratory with the latest test facilities, manned by qualified staff.  This is backed up by a continuous Research & Development program evolved with a purpose to find practical and economical solutions to problems and to develop new applications or replacement possibilities for existing materials.

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