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Before ordering corrugated packaging, consider what it must achieve in terms of product protection, stackability and "point of sale" promotion. Packaging is often a significant part of product cost and should be "fit for use" without being overspecified or inadequate for the job.

For example, potato crisps require a box with minimal strength to contain the product because the product is light.However, since the box contents are loose laid, the box gets no help from the contents so it must be adequately strong to hold the weight of the boxes stacked on top of it. The box size is not determined by the product but rather by the dimensions of the transport vehicle. Lastly, the product is often displayed in the box so print quality is a factor.

For water bottles, the box is sized to exactly fit the bottles with no spare space. The bottles are strong enough to support the stack so the box does not need to hold up the rest of the stack, it merely needs to contain the batch of bottles and make them convenient to carry. The print graphics are an important factor for diplay.

For a heavy pottery urn, the product is expensive and the packaging is a minimal part of the cost. It is heavy with a narrow base so one would use a full overflap bottom. The top flaps can be normal but some inner protection may be desirable. The box needs to be strong enough to carry the weight of the boxes stacked on top of it so use heavy papers, double wall board with a stitched joint. Print is not a factor so for the outer paper brown liner will do.

We maintain stocks of various types, shades and weights of paper. The choice will depend on the strength requirements, printability, moisture resistance etc.

The larger the flute, the stronger the box.
Below is a small break down of the three types of flute that we offer at Kuwait Boxes and their respective strengths and weaknesses.

"C" Flute

"C" flute has a high stacking strength and a higher resistance to being crushed. It is one of the most commonly used flutes for shipping boxes and tends to perform the best when holding materials such as glass, furniture and food products. Print quality is compromised

"B" Flute

"B" Flute cardboard is the perfect combination of strength and style. It has a higher resistance to punctures than the other flutes and usually consumes less space than the regular "C" Flute. It is most often used for boxes that have to be durable but also need to have some style. Generally used for stand up displays or ballot boxes.

"E" Flute

"E" Flute is the most lightweight of all the types of corrugated cardboard we carry. It is a stronger alternative to paperboard and performs well when used for die cut designs. "E" Flute has a superior printing surface.

Board Construction

Single Wall Corrugated Cardboard

Double Wall Corrugated Cardboard
This is the most popular material but is not the best choice for shipping heavy objects. For superior strength or a combination of strength and printability.
Wax coating
A coating of wax can be applied to the inside liner at the beginning of the corrugating process. This wax will permeate through the liner into the fluting to provide excellent moisture resistance for cold or wet applications.

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